12 Things you MUST DO in Ranchi !!

If even after being in Ranchi you haven’t felt these 12 things before means you have not explored our beautiful city yet. Below are the 12 things you must do in Ranchi.

1. Indulging in delicious cones of Softy at Firayalal and debating who does Softy better, Vishnees or Fun foods. These places are always competing to be the best, but one thing in which they both are best is winning the hearts of the inner child within us.

2. Relishing chaat from Ranchi chaat in Upper Bazaar. There are chances you might not find the perfect outfit there but one thing is for sure you will always find the perfect chaat waiting just for you round the corner.

3. Enjoying a Rickshaw ride at Main Road. This is the perfect example of calm in midst of chaos. The perfect ride keen explorers. A rickshaw ride in Ranchi is not just a ride it’s a life lesson.

4. Window shopping at church complex. Kid in the candy land that’s you in the church complex. It has been the definition of the mall for every 90’s kid who was born and brought up in the city. Before Malls, this place was the coolest shopping center of the city and still is. It is a heritage site of Ranchi.

5. Killing it at a bargain in Upper Bazaar and Shashtri Market. If love to bargain and great deals you know where to go. You are free to go nuts on your shopping spree and no one is going to judge you.

6. Long drive to Patratu valley. When you are looking forward to unwinding yourself and throw yourself into the lap of nature grab your keys and hit the roads plus point it’s not far from the city and a boat ride in patratu after the drive is just icing on the cake.

7. Sadhuji’s ghee soaked Litti. This is indulgence at its best. No one can do litti better than sadhuji it is street food at its best.

8. Rugda chawal lunch on a lazy monsoon afternoon. The vegetarian equivalent of meat but enjoyed and loved by both a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian. It is something close to every Jharkhandi and a definition of perfect Sunday lunch.

9. Kullhad chai at morabadi ground.  Chai is brewed in earthen pots and the chai shops at morabadi are just making perfect better. If you are a die-hard chai lover rush to the place as soon as possible.

10. Durga Pooja pandal hoping. Theme-based pandals are perfect examples of craftsmanship that blooms in rural areas of Jharkhand.

11. The city is dotted with numerous waterfalls if you are into hiking or trekking or you are just looking for a nice place for picnics these are the go-to places for you. The beauty of these falls is best enjoyed with company. Breathtaking landscapes are photography gold.

12. The height at which Ranchi is situated gives it the advantage of being surrounded by hills. Admiring the beauty of the city from these hills not only treats you with a mesmerizing view but also leaves you contented. These are the perfect spots for people who like to admire city lights and starry skies.

Note:- The images used in the Article belong to respective owners (Photographers of Ranchi). Pic owners:-

Rickshaw puller’s Pic – Anil (@curious_capture07)

Perwaghagh Falls PicTushar Kant (@tushar_kant720)

Rugda Pic – Shruti Sinha (@shrutisinha0111)

Patratu Road PicAshmit (@shot.on_phone)