Why Ranchi was chosen as the capital of Jharkhand instead of Jamshedpur ? Here are the possible reasons…

We all know that Ranchi is capital of Jharkhand but how many of us really know why it was selected as capital and not Jamshedpur? We searched and finally came up with these real facts which every Ranchite must know.

Once there used to be conflicts regarding the thought of selecting a city among Ranchi and Jamshedpur to announce it as capital of Jharkhand.  The final result is not hidden now but at that time it was a big question. After many words like if, but,why etc a final statement was made that Ranchi will become the capital of Jharkhand. Ranchi overtook Jamshedpur in many discussions.


Most easily guessed query is that Ranchi was the summer capital of british raj while Jamshedpur was not and that’s one of the major reasons behind this decision. Offices were setting up due to its climate conditions as it was very comfortable place to work in.

Judicial works were done there, buildings were built up while Jamshedpur was not provided with these facilities. Connectivity was also a major factor. It had an airport for large planes making the connectivity outside the state easy. It was also having better education institutes and schools in both quality and quantity than Jamshedpur.

RIMS, Ranchi

Ranchi was provided with better medical facilities with prestigious names like RIMS, RINPAS, CIP and TB sanatorium where again jamshedpur lacked. It is large in area as compared to Jamshedpur. The levels of industries and company owned property is high in Jamshedpur but on other hand it makes city heavily polluted so it was not easy to work there if people were getting better conditions in Ranchi and outskirts of Jamshedpur were also not provided with any facility.

Jamshedpur lacked in many major decision making areas. It does not affect reputation of any city but Ranchi became an easy and obvious choice. If we avoid number of industries then even today no city has better growth and development than ranchi in jharkhand and the decision is still worth. Ranchi is not just a city, it is first love of every person born there.