15th August – A red letter day in Indian history

Carried with glory…
Coated with pride…
Let’s salute the Nation on 72nd Independence Day

15th August 1947 was the day when the Tri-Colour was waved up in the sky with the honor and respect. Everyone was bursting with joy and a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with the complete freedom. It’s been 72 years since then but still celebrating Independence Day stimulates the indistinguishable sense of patriotism.

Now after getting independence, the main urge was the need to bring out the Indian identity within the people as being under the British rule made us forget our own identity. They were not only ruling over the country but our mind as well. They imposed their thinking over the common Indians.

British knew that they can’t conquer India unless they break the backbone of the Nation which is it’s spiritual and cultural heritage. In those days when the country was in a midway fighting for the independence many patriots rebelled and tried protecting the heritage as much as possible. It may sound like a story posing no difficulties but it actually took a lot from every individual of that time. They suffered a lot from this.

But are we respecting enough the freedom we got as an offering from our forefathers..??

This is not something someone should make us realize. We should feel the importance of what we have. The question above is not something to have an argument on but a question to be asked to oneself.

Freedom is something we should feel within ourselves because no one can ever describe it in words.

So let’s take this Independence Day as a chance to bring out a unique identity of us. Each one of us should make a promise to oneself to get independent from a mindset that is so socially enslaved by someone else and celebrate the Indian-ness in all of us.

Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day !!