Draupadi Murmu – The Journey from Scratch to Presidential Candidate

There is this very famous quote in Hindi: 

“लहरों से डर के नइया पार नहीं होती
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती”

The quote is not just a combination of two sentences but has a deep, significant meaning. The good thing about this quote is that it has been proved by none other than our magnificent ex-governor, Draupadi Murmu. The 64-year-old lady, born in Odisha in a Santhali tribe family has demonstrated her abilities brilliantly. Even after suffering a lot of struggle, she has managed to come to a position no one ever thought of. Although she lost her husband and two sons at a young age, her determination always kept her blooming.

About Draupadi Murmu

Draupadi Murmu was born in 1958 in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. She has her roots in politics, as her father and grandfather both were village heads. Murmu started her career as Junior Assistant in the Irrigation Department, Odisha after earning her bachelor’s degree in Arts from Rama Devi University in Bhubaneshwar. Further, she moved on to work as an Assistant Professor at Shri Aurobindo Integral Education and Research Institute, Rairangpur.

The Political Journey

Murmu started her career in politics when she joined BJP in 1997, Consequently, she was given the duty of the Incharge of the Commerce and Transport Department till 2002 and further Fisheries and Animal Resource Department till 2004 in the Odisha government. In 2007, She was awarded the Nilkanth Award for the Best MLA of the year by the Odisha Legislative assembly. Later, she became the first woman Governor of Jharkhand after taking oath on 18 May 2015. Also, she was the first female tribal leader to hold the position of governor of a state. While she was in BJP, she held the position of Vice president and later President of the Scheduled Tribe Morcha in Odisha.

The Tribal Presidential Candidate

Now, in 2022, she is on the verge of reaching the ultimate heights of her political career. On 18th July, the presidential elections are going to be held. In the month of June, Draupadi has been nominated as the presidential candidate by National Democratic Alliance. Altogether 15 candidates have filed the paper for nominations. But the situation is saying that Draupadi Murmu can be the next President of India as she is getting much support from the regional state parties.

It would really be an honor for the natives of Jharkhand to see a tribal woman as the President of India and that too who had once served the state of Jharkhand as Governor. We are really hopeful for the results and let’s shower our wishes and support in the favour of Draupadi Murmu. Let the best candidate win.