17 Years of Jharkhand and the achievements so far

Jharkhand, one of the 29 beautiful states of India, was formed by the Bihar Reorganization Act, 2000. It has been 17 years, since the bifurcation. Literal translation of Jharkhand is “Bushland” or “The land of forests“.

Ranchi is the capital and Dumka, the sub capital of Jharkhand. The state is primarily rural, as only 24% of the population live in cities. Though Jharkhand accounts for 40% of the mineral resources of India, it suffers widespread poverty as 39.1% of the population is below poverty line. 19.6% of children under the age of 5 years are malnourished.

President in Ranchi
President Kovind addressing people in Ranchi on Jharkhand Diwas, 2017

History says, during the age of Mahajanpadas, around 500 BC, Jharkhand was a part of Magadha, Anga, Banga, Kalinga, Kashi and Vajji. In 1765, the region came under the control of the British East India Company. The colonization of Jharkhand region by the British East India Company resulted in the spontaneous resistance from the local people. Almost a century before Indian Rebellion of 1857, Adivasis or Mulwasis of Jharkhand were already beginning what would become a series of repeated revolts against British colonial rule. The Santhal rebellion broke out in 1885, led by brothers Sidhu and Kanhu. The Birsa Munda revolt broke out, a decade later, in 1895, which lasted till 1900. It was the longest and the greatest tribal revolt.

In the span of 17 years of Jharkhand, we have already seen 6 Chief Ministers and 3 President’s Rule.The longest serving CM is Arjun Munda, who has held the office for over five years, across three terms. The present CM is Raghubar Das, the first ever, non-tribal CM of Jharkhand. The present Governor of Jharkhand is Draupadi Murmu.

CM of Jharkhand
Respected chief ministers of Jharkhand and their reign.

It can be said that Jharkhand has seen many changes, including the population growth here. The cultures have become a part of life. The Adivasis worship the mother nature, which others can be a part of. Sarhul and Karma are the main festivals of the tribal people. The poverty rate has declined, since the bifurcation. Literacy rate has grown over the past 17 years, though many children still work for a living, there are many who have enrolled their names in primary schools. It is believed by some people that Jharkhand is way better than the parent state, Bihar. People here are sensible for self-development. Jharkhand is enclosed by forests. The hills and rivers and the minerals found here, can
be said to attract the population here.

Birsa Munda
Dharti Aba Birsa Munda

Well, Jharkhand is no less than any other state in terms of Entrepreneurship. You can find many entrepreneurs here with their amazing ideas. Here exists a community, named JOCC (Jharkhand Open Coffee Club), which maintains the startup culture, in Jharkhand. This state has produced many talented people, like our lovable Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Varun Aaron, Saurabh Tiwary, Ishan Kishan in the field of cricket, world-famous Priyanka Chopra was born in Jamshedpur, Imtiyaz Ali, Meiyang Chang, Zeishan Quadri in the film industry are making their presence felt. in the field of the fashion industry, Ranchi based models are doing great. As a city, Ranchi is growing. Jharkhand has an IIT too, in Dhanbad, previously known as ISM Dhanbad. Recently, Ranchi hosted Momentum Jharkhand, where global investors were invited and took part. Many big names were present at the Global Investor’s Summit. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the brand ambassador of the event. At Lalpur Chowk, in Ranchi, is a doctor, Dr. S. P. Mukherjee, who treats patients, with his fees being Rs. 5 only.

Ranchi Blog

In terms of tourism also, Jharkhand is growing. Patratu Valley, waterfalls, dams, Deori Mandir, Rajrappa, Palamau Qila, Betla National Park, Jubilee Park, sunrise and sunset views at Netarhat, etc are popular now. Small cities are no smaller now. Daltonganj, Hazaribagh are growing in every term.

The state animal of Jharkhand is Elephant. The state bird is Koel, and the state tree is Sal. The state flower is Palash.