What is Momentum Jharkhand 2017 ?

We are hearing of the Momentum Jharkhand campaign for the past few days, that is going to be held on 16th and 17th February. Do you know, what is this campaign all about, and why is it being held? If not, lets understand this together.

We all know, Shri Narendra Modi, as a Prime Minister, has introduced many campaigns, one of which is “Make in India“. This campaign was to encourage the national and international companies that they come to India and produce goods. This campaign inspired the government of Jharkhand, which they named as “Momentum Jharkhand“.

Momentum Jharkhand
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If compared with other states, Jharkhand is quite a new state and has a lot of capability and potential in the people here, which distinguishes it from other states. Here, is found enough things, which can hardly be found in another state. One of those things are minerals, which we have in plenty. They are primarily found in Dhanbad and Ramgarh districts. If we talk of steel production, Bokaro and Tata has no comparison. Considering these points, government of Jharkhand has taken this step that Indian and foreign investors, invest in Jharkhand.

Momentum Jharkhand
Source: Momentum Jharkhand

The insignia is also inspired from the state’s animal, which means a calf elephant, who has learnt flying. We do not think there can be any better insignia, for this campaign.

Momentum Jharkhand
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Objectives of Momentum Jharkhand:-

1. To make Jharkhand, an investment destination for the Indian and foreign investors.
2. To present the proficient business environment and progressive policies, before the investors.
3. To give opportunities to the business community, government representatives and investors.

Goals of Momentum Jharkhand:-

1. To encourage startup culture.
2. To encourage ‘Entrepreneurship’ in the state.
3. To increase employment. (Direct and Indirect).
4. To encourage mineral production and to connect them with global investors.
5.To provide investment opportunities.

To see and hear sounds interesting, let’s join hands to make it possible. If the Jharkhand citizens get a job to their liking, they wouldn’t have to move to another state, then there’s nothing better than that. Hope that you all would agree, while reading this.