Ranchi’s Nirbhaya Case: Still Seeking Justice

On the day, India was mourning Nirbhaya’s gang rape, which took place four years back, Ranchi witnessed another rape incident. A 19 year old, B.Tech student of Ram Tahal Choudhary Institute of Technology, Ormanjhi was raped and brutally murdered at her home in Booty Basti. She was reported to be strangulated with a wire and was burnt to death. It appeared that she was sexually assaulted before being put on fire. Reportedly, this was the fourth incident of murder in a week.


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The questions that arise are, “Are the women of the state, not safe in here ?”, “Is the state failing anywhere, in giving protection to women in our state ?”, and “Is the protection of women, not a priority for the state ?” The status of women represents the mentality of the men living around her. When can women of the society feel free ? The authorities reported that the girl was raped by someone she knew. Is that what our society has come to ? When can we, women feel free ? Women are being killed in wicked ways, in the state. The state has given us everything, except security and safety for women.

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There are people who always blame women, when they are raped. Why can’t women be supportive of the victims ? They too are humans and it was never their fault. It was always the wrong mentality of the men, who rape or molest girls. They say that the girl was wearing a short skirt. Is it ? What was the need to touch her ? She didn’t ask men to touch her. Some people blame the government for not developing the state. Before the state develops, there is a need for development of the mentality of men, who rape or even comment on a girl.

The first priority of men should be respecting women. On one hand, they worship Goddesses, and on the other hand, they treat women as their slave. Both men and women are the reasons, why this world is working, then why are the women mistreated by the men ?

It is high time, that we realize that women too, are a part of this society, and an important part. She has to be respected by everyone.