How is Raghubar Das performing as CM of Jharkhand?

Shri Raghubar Das is probably the best CM that Jharkhand has seen in the past 16 years. He is performing his duty politely by bringing up new policies, working on road projects, reducing corruption, and great part has been observed that no NAXAL ATTACK happened since he came into the power in 2014. He has turned the history of Jharkhand state.

Let’s have a look on his efforts:

He has brought a strict governance. Many Bureaucrats are doing their work sincerely due to the fear they have in their mind for Raghubar Das. He is not letting any officer to return back their home before the completion of their work. Even on sundays, including other Govt. officers too,  were working and nervous for Project deadlines. We can see a sense of duty among the Bureaucrats now and a lot of files are moving. He even took away unnecessary police protection and privileges from several politicians those who had no need for such security and just moved around in convoys. Now all depends on how he can change the mentality of every Bureaucrat and implement his strategies.

The biggest problem which every state in India or India as a whole is facing i.e. Corruption. But here in Jharkhand, corruption is reduced, at least you don’t see the lust of money at the top level of government. All credit goes to Raghubar Das’s hard working and effort he made to manage the state like Jharkhand.

He has also brought a grip on law and order. He has posted the right people at the right place. Chief secretaries Rajiv Gauba (former CS and presently secretary, ministry of urban development GOI) and Mrs. Rajbala Verma (incumbent) have a long history for being one of the most celebrated officers in Bihar (and Jharkhand later on). She is the reason why Gaya never became Libya.

Jharkhand Naxal
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He has been quite strict regarding Naxal and Maoist problem. Many villages are there in Jharkhand where Maoists kidnap children and brainwash them to join the rebels. Das has had a straightforward policy with the rebels, surrender and sign up for Rehab or will be shot dead if seen in the forests.

Last but not the least, a lot of decisions regarding setting up colleges, universities, hospitals, road projects, Infrastructural development in the state were being awarded by him.

Jharkhand Road Report
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Few more works:

  • Winning heart of minorities by providing them safety and scholarships.
  • Distributing ration, 12 kg rice for just ₹1/kg and sugar packet for ₹15.
  • Providing job opportunities to teachers and setting new government schools.
  • Given a good all rounded agriculture focused budget.
  • Brought Jharkhand to 3rd rank in ease of doing business.


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Few days ago, Jharkhand Govt. had conducted a very big business event named “Momentum Jharkhand” in which many businessmen across the world participated and few of them promised to invest in Jharkhand. This would help in creating jobs across the state.

Every coin has two sides, on the other side of his administration, we heard that ex- govt. officials are not getting pension. Overall, his performance is average as a CM, but always better than the previous ones. Hope he will continue the good work.