Meet the newly appointed DC of Ranchi – Shri Rahul kumar sinha

Let’s celebrate the victory of our son of Jharkhand – The new DC of Ranchi,  Rahul Kumar Sinha.

The land of natural habitat, natural resources, and rich tribal culture, Ranchi has been in discussion recently. Amidst the violence and the horrific situation prevailing for some time, new changes have also been introduced to the state. The land of tribes, Jharkhand has recently welcomed its new Deputy Commissioner as Rahul Kumar Sinha, replacing the previous DC, Chhavi Ranjan.

Rahul Kumar Sinha, The newly appointed Deputy Commissioner

“With a balanced mixture of hard work, grit, determination, discipline, and confidence, anything can be achieved.” 

As said by Rahul Kumar Sinha in an interview, the newly appointed DC has got a chance to make his birthplace his workplace. Shri Rahul Sinha took charge on 11th July 2022 as Deputy Commissioner in the Collectorate Office, Ranchi. Born and brought up in the state of Jharkhand, Rahul Sinha has completed his schooling at St. Xavier’s, Hazaribagh as well as DPS, Bokaro. Later, he completed his engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth in the year 2006. After this landmark in his career, the era of service and brilliance rose. 

An immensely proud moment for him and his family was when he secured All India’s 60th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Exam in the year 2011. Thus, he was selected in Indian Administrative Services in the batch of 2011. He has also served as IPS in the past. Previously in 2009 he also cracked the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) in which he secured 13th rank. He has earlier served in the state as the Director of Tourism. In an interview, DC Sinha mentioned that he has always been a scholar throughout his career and it has all happened because of his patient attitude and hardworking ability. 

After holding his charge as DC, Shri Sinha addressed his official mentioning that he has been given quite an important responsibility. Therefore, he will make sure that there shall be non-negligence in governance issues of administration. He also mentioned that service delivery is a significant element of administration. So, the general public’s issues will always be entertained with priority. Talking about teamwork, he said, “The Government of India and the state government’s institutions will have coordination. To bring this coordination, there shall be efforts to bring together all the stakeholders for service delivery. We will work together with team spirit.”

Major Reshuffling in State Government Administration
DC Rahul Kumar Sinha
Ex-DC Ranchi, Chhavi Ranjan handing over the responsibility to newly appointed DC Rahul Kumar Sinha

Altogether, there has been a reshuffling of 18 senior IAS Officers in the Jharkhand government administration. The newly appointed DC, Rahul Kumar Sinha has replaced the previous DC, Chhavi Ranjan. Now, he has been appointed as the Director of Social Welfare and also the Director of Social Security. Apart from that, the DC of Palamu, Shashi Ranjan has been appointed as the Municipal Commissioner of Ranchi. 


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