Rise Up: Rising through the odds, a Ranchi based NGO spreading awareness on Road Safety !!

Some superheroes come without wings, one such superhero is Mr. Rishabh Anand from Ranchi (Jharkhand) who is the founder of a non-profit NGO called “Rise up”.

There cannot be two views on the importance of road safety. We in the hush-hush and busy lives of ours tend to ignore the road safety rules. According to an article published in indianexpress.com, India faces the challenge of 17 deaths on roads every year (statics of 2016).

Though Rishabh was working on the idea of road safety since long to give it a structural dimension and to address the problem with a vision as spreading the awareness about the same, Mr. Anand comes up with the idea of “Rise Up” in June 2016. Though Rise up is a newbie in the portfolio of existing NGO’s but Rishabh is quite confident and determined in his future prospects.

Ranchi NGO

Rise up is expanding its wings and works through Education, awareness, training, and advocacy with the effective 10 member’s team at present. Every NGO faces several challenges when they start up and Rise UP is not an exception. Rishabh is facing several challenges in his noble cause of road safety: financial challenges and lack of manpower support are few of them. People are negligent about the concept of road safety that they even struggle in asking the population to wear helmet or seat belt while driving. It’s like pleading to them for their lives safety.

Rise up is also spreading its branches to other cities apart from Ranchi as well. One of the major milestone covered up by the rise up is to stretching its awareness campaign to rural areas of Jharkhand. On asking about road safety campaigns at rural areas, Rishabh comments that most of the national highways (NH) are passes through villages and rural areas and hence their visibility in getting educated of road safety cannot be ignored.

Raahgiri Day

Rishabh and his team successfully hosted the “Raahgiri day” at Ranchi with the aim of promoting cycling as a major tool to cover the short distance with the focus on increasing health activities as well. There is no denying that the traffic jam is the biggest problem faced by any tier 1 or tier 2 cities. There are n numbers of vehicles increasing day to day on road. Lack of traffic sense, not following traffic rules and poor public transport system add-on to the traffic jam in cities. Though some issues could be covered by educating the people about the same but rest needs to be taken care by other dedicated authorities like the widening of roads, construction of flyovers. Promoting cycling, walking down to short distances could be some other steps. Rise up faces the challenges in connecting with the people as most of the people consider road safety as a myth. With day to day increasing in the number of road accident cases, most of the audience don’t think of taking any preventive measures against the crucial problem.


Certainly, this is a challenging task and can’t be covered by a single person hence Rishabh asks youths of the nation to step forward in the context of road safety and give services in this noble cause. Saving lives by spreading the education is a noble work and Rishabh asks more and more youths to come forward with their plan and execution ideas.

“Rise up” is all gear up to start a teachers training program on traffic education and soon to establish a model school for the same. Slowly and swiftly “Rise up” targets to reach up to 24 districts of Jharkhand with their social awareness camps.

Surely Rishabh is doing the great work.

We wish all the good wishes for Rishabh and his team.
Keep up the good work!!!
Rise Up: Rise Beyond