Kullhad – क्यूंकि अच्छी चाय और मज़बूत रिश्ते बनाने में वक़्त लगता है !!

Your loved ones around, a lovely ambience, friendly environment with your favourite flavoured tea..!!

Doesn’t these things gives you a feeling of a perfect day?? Like life’s all good..!!

But have you ever wondered what it takes to start one’s own personalized version of a cafe just to make your days perfect without any fail each time you visit..?? NO..??

Well ok..!! If not then we’ll let you know about the same by the lady herself….



I believe that being a Ranchite, “KULLHAD”, a beautiful peaceful cafe might not be an unknown place anymore. I guess it’s one of the best places to find your own time from your busy scheduled day. So, let’s start from the beginning..!! How it all started?

Q – What actually inspired you to start a café business?

~ She says – I always had a vision of starting a cafe business as the idea always attracted me. So once I got married and completed my MBA. I discussed the idea with my husband (VISHAL JAISWAL). He is the person who always supports me and the one I have blind faith in. So like I said he agreed to it once after listening to me and supported me with the same then I started working on it.

Q – “CAFE” we may say it’s a very common idea nowadays and coming out with something different being a part of the same crowd is actually a difficult thing. So it must have taken a lot from your side? 

~She says – Yes it has..!! But my husband and even my family members, everyone supported me in a way no one ever can. They were always by my side. They used to encourage me with things, motivated me whenever I felt low. In short, they were always there in all my ups and downs and that actually helped me a lot for building up to a level I am at, to a level KULLHAD is at.

Q – What makes “KULLADH” different?

~She says – KULLHAD chai is a native concept of India so the name itself says a lot about it and if talking apart from that the varieties and the taste along with the atmosphere that we all together create makes it different.

Q – What are the pitfalls that you came across till date?

~She said – Society never fails to discourage you. In the beginning, it used to affect me a lot but then I took it in a positive way and started working on the negative comments people made and now am at a stage where I have the total control over my emotions and I never let any negative energy affect my work.

Q – How do you feel about your work?

~ To this she said – It’s been one and half years since I started KULLHAD, and trust me I still enjoy my work same as I used to. I still feel the same excitement every morning which I felt on the first day of KULLHAD.

Q – What’s the specialty of the place?

~She says – We have a lot of flavours in tea like almost every flavour one can think of and we provide it with a perfect snack of our choice, there are varieties in the food too, even the street food people are crazy about.

Q – What are the things you are very much particular about?

~She says – I am very much concerned about my recipe and its taste. I always taste it before it goes to the customer’s table and one more thing, I always meet and greet the customers to make them feel comfortable at the place and even it makes me happy too.

Q – What makes you feel happy at the end of the day?

~She says – Everyone’s love, affection and support. At the end of the day when I go back home, I always carry a satisfaction within my heart that I served my people with my 100%.

Q – Anything new that you’re planning?

~She says – Yes..!! we are planning to open our new branch at Lalpur very soon, maybe till the end of this month.

It was really nice talking to AKANKSHA JAISWAL and getting aware of the fact that “Everything we do needs our dedication and love towards it”. She actually created an atmosphere that will make you comfortable and the taste will make you feel at home. What better you can ask for..?? Spending time with your favourite flavoured beverage which connects the diverse part of the country “CHAI”.

Address – 468C, PP Compound, Near Mandeep Medical Store, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001