GEL Church Complex – The very first market complex Ranchi has witnessed !!

Shopping at your favorite place with your loved ones is a pleasant feeling and if you find a shopping complex with all the facilities you need a while and after shopping, trust me you are blessed. And we people of Ranchi can proudly say that we are blessed. Having GEL Church complex in Ranchi adds a special essence to the shopping experiences of people of Ranchi.

GEL Church Complex is not only a shopping complex for the people of Ranchi, but it’s also an emotion. The Emotion which bounds the people in a string to visit here again and again. Complex Culture was only an imagination for the people of Ranchi before the establishment of GEL Church Complex in 1988, and when this came into reality, it was worth admiring. People started to find everything under one roof and the familiar behavior of its staffs and shopkeepers gave them one more reason for loving this place. GEL Church Complex in its three stories consists of 131 stores and offices, which offers various products and services to its consumers.


The beauty of this complex is not its shops, but the safety, cleanliness, parking facilities, availability of various stuff and pure veg restaurants. And these all factors collectively makes this an Ideal shopping Complex. There are many staffs which take care of the cleanliness over there. The cleaning of the stores and the complex starts at sharp 7 am, which ensures the good starting off the day with the arrival of the goddess Laxmi. This is not only the most renowned shopping complex of Ranchi but it’s also well known in all over Jharkhand. If anyone ever comes to Ranchi it’s for sure that he will visit GEL Church Complex once. The parking facility is one of the key features over there because finding a good and safe place for your vehicle is not that easy in a town.

GEL Church complex has completed it’s 30 years in Ranchi and it has more than lakhs of happy costumers in and around  Ranchi. According to literary surveys, a sum of 2,93,000 rupees is spent on it to be maintained every month. The one more reason which adds to its popularity is its location, it’s located in the heart of Ranchi, Main Road which is almost equidistant from all the places of Ranchi and the availability of vehicles around it makes easy for Every customer to get there. Surely this complex resides in the hearts of many of its costumers who return from there with wide smiles on their faces.


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