Meet Ranjit Srivastava, The man from Ranchi who developed Rashmi, A hindi speaking humanoid robot from India !!

Gone are the days when we had to wait for our imaginations to come into existence, gone are those days when humans were only the intelligent species on earth. With the advancement in the field of science and technology, humanoid robots are not only virtually true, but they are for real. Can one think of a robot that can interact with humans, and converse in our dialects?
Source – Hindustan times and Twitter
Ranchi being a beautiful city is not only famous for its beauty but it’s also endowed with talented people who make us proud of being called a Ranchiite! Mr. Ranjit Srivastava, a man from Ranchi has developed Indian robot, ‘Rashmi’ which is a matter of pride for us. Ranjit was inspired by the first English speaking humanoid robot, ‘Sophia’: he took the challenge of making the Indian version of it, and in July ’16, Rashmi came into existence. Rashmi is not only a humanoid robot, who can speak Hindi, English, Marathi, and Bhojpuri but she also has the feature of lip-syncing, giving facial expressions and moving her neck too. One can never imagine of making a humanoid robot only in two years at a mere cost of ₹ 50,000.


Besides being famous for creating Rashmi, Ranjit is the proprietor of ‘Lotus Communication’, a Ranchi based software company. He has also developed E-Nibhandhan portal for registration department, and received awards too. Like humans, Rashmi also recognizes the person after few meetings due to cameras fit in its eyes.


Rashmi bring broadcasted on Aajtak, India’s Got Talent, 93.5 Red, FM and many more TV shows proves that she can understand the people and can do sarcasm too. When Rashmi was asked if robots can take place of humans? She answered very beautifully that “World works on feelings, not on perfection and only humans have feelings. When she was asked for her favorite actor, she answered “Rajnikant “.She told about the different types of biryani when she was asked the recipe of it. In spite of being inspired by Sophia, Rashmi is better than her in all aspects. Her face, her looks, facial expressions and her ability to speak multiple languages are worth her popularity.


A humanoid robot is the need of today’s modern era. It can serve in many departments of a company, it can be a helper and a friend for people, battling depression or loneliness. Technology has provided us with ways in which we can simplify our lives, but how we use the ways, efficiently and judiciously, depends totally on us. ‘Anything we have been provided with can either is a boon or a bane’. ‘It can either simplify our lives or can totally destroy us’.


Rashmi, being the first Hindi speaking humanoid robot, is one of the greatest achievements for our country, and living in Ranchi, it gives us immense pleasure that we are the residents of a city, which is not only beautiful but has people like Ranjit, who make us proud, of being Ranchiites.