Sir Ratan Tata inaugurates Ranchi cancer hospital along with the CM Shri Raghubar Das!!

Ranchi cancer hospital and research center inaugurated by Sir Ratan Tata and CM Shri Raghubar Das.

Life as a human is a blessing because we get the power to express, impress and develop. But living life effortlessly decreases due to the impact of certain globally rising issues like cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. Approximately, 70% of deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. Cancer is the second most common disease in India responsible for maximum mortality with about 0.3million deaths per year due to poor availability of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. It can have profound social and economic consequences for people often leading to family impoverishment and societal inequity. It is found that cases of people suffering from cancer in rural areas are relatively higher than those in urban areas. Also, a total of 18% population of north India suffers from cancer where the male population accounts for 11.02% and the female population accounts for 6.2%.


During the Global Investment Summit held last year, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Shri Raghubar Das requested the chairman of Tata Group to have a look on the idea of establishing a cancer hospital in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The Tata Group has agreed to take up the initiative to set up a cancer hospital in Ranchi similar to the one at Jamshedpur for cancer treatments. Chief Minister Shri Raghubar Das and Mr. Ratan Tata both agree with the fact that cancer is a major cause of deaths in the northern region and therefore they focus on the development of this hospital. A Memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been exchanged by the managing director Mr. R. Venkatraman of Tata group and State Health Department Secretary, Nitin M.Kulkarni for the project.

On 10th November the foundation stone of the cancer hospital was laid in Rinpass campus at 11:45 am in the presence of Mr. Ratan Tata, Shri Raghubar Das, Health Minister Mr. Ram Chandravanshi, Ranchi’s MP Mr. Mahesh Poddar, Chief Secretary Mr. Sudhir Tripathi, senior bureaucrats of state government, various other Tata officials and a few local officials.


The project has been named as Ranchi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. It is decided to be established in the Surkhuttu region of the Kanke block. The project’s estimated cost is about rupees 300 crores. It will be furnished with 302 beds, 14 operation theatres, 28 beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), dialysis unit and a blood bank. This is surely going to be a boon for the people of Jharkhand because 50% of the seats will be reserved for the people of Jharkhand. We are greatly obliged to the Tata group and the Jharkhand government for taking this step and we look forward to the completion of this project.


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