Ranchi – The treasurer of memories and beauty !!

Sitting by the shores of Dhurwa, it appeared to Dua as if the sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire. She was not hallucinating neither was she daydreaming. It was actually the magnificent beauty of nature that gave her this feeling. It was almost time for sunset and the beautiful vast and clear cloudless sky of Ranchi was casting its shadow on the clear waters of Dhurwa. She knew it was time for her to head back home but she decided to stay back for a while as this was her favorite moment to sit by the shores of rivers and waterfalls in Ranchi. And contemplate for long.

Dhurwa Dam, Ranchi. PC – Ankush Kasera

With a height of 651 feet above sea level, Ranchi has a moderate and humid climate, but its vast forest and dense tropical forest cover, hilly topography and an area that allows 1100 mm of rainfall above sea level blesses the climate of Ranchi with a remarkably low temperature of 0-25 degrees during winters and 20-42 degrees during summers.

Dua was born in a small locality of Kanke of Ranchi and Kanke dam was her favorite play spot. All her childhood, she had been mostly alone with a few friends because her introvert nature made it difficult for her to gel up easily. She used to go to different waterfalls and damns with her parents every weekend and that was what she loved the most. Rukka dam which provided water to the whole of Ranchi was her favorite picnic spot and the heart-shaped roads of Patratu and its beautiful valleys never failed to amaze her. Her father used to tell her stories about the different places they visited. He used to tell her about Dassam falls which were 144 feet above sea level and was famous for rafting and going their meant she had to visit the Deori Mandir and the sun temple every time. Or he would tell her about Johna falls that got its name from the village Johna and had a famous lord Buddha temple, or about the Panch Gagh falls which is a combination of five different waterfalls. He would also tell her about Hirni falls that got its name because of the large number of Deers the place had or about Lodh falls which was the highest falls. Also, the beauty of Sita falls, Hundru falls and Getalsudh dam always amazed her.


Now that her father has long gone, she sat by the shores of Dhurwa alone and reminisced about her childhood. Her father may be a long gone tale but she was very confident about two things; 1st the countless memories she had with her father will always be engraved in her heart and 2nd that the beauty of Ranchi will always keep mesmerizing her pulling her out of her every bit of sadness and filling her life with the golden hue of positivity just like the golden hue of the sunset.


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