JHIRI – A village near Ranchi which stands near the Dump yard !!

JHIRI – A village On dump yard.

In a time where the whole country is moving towards Swachhata (cleanliness and hygiene) and government strives to make people aware about the importance of both. Jhiri, a village 15 Kms away from Ranchi district headquarters is made to sit on the dump of waste generated by city forcing its residents to live life on garbage.


The rapid urbanization of Ranchi came up with enormous dreams to its citizens including a clean environment free with dirt and garbage and it seems it worked too for the city due to government’s initiatives.

What do the people expect for in an urbanized society? Clean and safe drinking water and a clean habitat to live. But what happens when your home is surrounded by enormous stink with garbage dumped across all directions in your habitat.

This is what has happened with the residents of Jhiri, where 3000 residents are forced to live with stink and garbage which the city generates. The residents are being punished as if they do not have the right to live in a clean environment as the civic body Ranchi municipal corporation has chosen the village as its garbage dump yard.


The situation has worsened over days as residents are forced to live with the stink which is emanated out of the garbage dump. One can easily feel the stink form a distance of half a kilometer before approaching the village from either side of the ring road which passes through the village.

The residents living in the village are often falling ill and the majority show symptoms of diarrhea, malaria, dengue, and typhoid. Kids and women are the most affected as they have to spend most of their time in their homes are forced to live with flies and mosquitoes which are everywhere right from the streets of the village to their kitchen and bedrooms.


Residents have protested against the dumping of garbage and had blocked roads on several occasion leading to the administration inference which always assured them that the problem of dump yard will be sorted at the earliest as civic authorities have approved a solid waste management plant but that too hangs in balance as nothing has been initiated on that front.

We would like to request the chief minister and the authorities of the civic body to take up the cause of Jhiri on an upfront basis so that residents of Jhiri should also breathe in fresh air.

A detailed report about the plight of people of Jhiri was also reported in a leading newspaper from Ranchi; of whose link is enclosed below. –

Times of India, Ranchi edition 01 aAugust2018