The Darkness behind the light of streets in Ranchi – A serious issue !!

“आज चौराहों पर मैंने कुछ अजीब सा देखा,
आज मैंने बचपन को फिर से किसी गर्त में जाते देखा”

Childhood is one of the best parts of our lives but when it comes in the hands of the devil, it turns into a rubbish reality.

The memories which we make during our childhood, last for our life but what if the thing we are doing today will create scars instead of creating memories. As I have been living in Namkum since 1 year, I have gone through many incidents which bothered my conscience. But the most bothering incident was my confrontation with these “child beggars”.

Image source – Tushar Kant & Ankush Kasera

Whenever these children will see you they will start following you and will start asking you for money and food. But money and food aren’t the issues, the issue is the dark future of those poor children, whose poverty and greedy parents are forcing them to live a life which is worthless. And the worst thing is that they are forced by their parents to do so because they are the only source of income for them. It’s an irony that the father who should work hard to bear the responsibilities of those little children is spoiling their future for his greed. Do they ever think about their future?

Do they ever think that their children should go to school? Do they ever think that they are indulging their children in wrong work, which will cost them a lot and push them to hell? I also don’t know the real reason behind this, but I guess whatever the reason is, their present lives will take them to a place which will have no life or a life like a hell.


Cover pic credits – Ankush Kasera