Instagram pages from Ranchi you should follow right away !!

Instagram! Sounds familiar?

Yeah, the infamous “modeling” social networking site for the so-called ‘upcoming models’, as people joke about. What else does Instagram have in store for us? There are a variety of pages. You name them, and it’s there. Food, travel, restaurants, hotels, writers, publishing houses, and what not.

We here, mention the top 8 Instagram pages, about Ranchi, based in Ranchi:

1. Beautiful Ranchi


The most popular page on Instagram, in Ranchi, with 17.9k followers, is topping the list. Features the pictures from Ranchi. Follow them on their handle @beautiful_ranchi.

2. Ranchi Diary

Ranchi Photos RanchiBlog

“Photography, people, art, news, competitions”, all for, from and in Ranchi. This page has about 12.6k followers. You can follow them on their handle @ranchi_diary.

3. Foodranchi

Ranchi food blogger

The exclusive food page of Ranchi. A food blogger’s page. A foodie’s ultimate destination for food suggestions, pricing, and review. One can visit the page and ask for suggestions. They have about 12.5k followers. Follow them on their handle @foodranchi.

A similar page is @ranchi_exotic_food, with 7473 followers.

4. Heyyy Ranchi

Ranchi Photos RanchiBlog


With 12.4k followers, comes fourth on the list. ‘Features the best landscape, street of Ranchi’. The admin of the page goes live and interacts with the followers. You can follow them on Instagram. Their handle is @hey_ranchi.

5. Ranchi Meri Jaan

Ranchi photos Ranchiblog

This page showcases the events and offers and the local places to visit. They have about 9523 followers. Follow them on their handle @ranchi_meri_jaan.

A similar page is @ranchibeats with 4489 followers.

6. Incredible Ranchi

Ranchi Photos Ranchiblog

The page features the best pictures from the city, Ranchi, with credits to the photographer, marking its presence with 4622 followers. Their handle is @incredibleranchi.

7. We are Ranchi

Ranchi photos Ranchiblog

This page may not have many followers on Instagram but this is the most followed page from Ranchi on Twitter. On Instagram, it has 1,980 followers. Their handle is @weareranchi.

8. Exotics of Ranchi

Ranchi photos Ranchiblog

With all the exotic cars and bikes pictures in Ranchi, this is one unique page, with 1148 followers. Find them on their handle @exotics_of_ranchi.

Made In Ranchi(@maderanchi), with over 797 followers on Instagram, is undoubtedly the wittiest page of Ranchi, it has 9000+ likes on Facebook and has received media attention too.

Ever heard, @ranchiblog is on Instagram too!!! We are a ‘literary’ blog page and a family of 818 followers. In a span of 2 years, we’ve not been very active on Instagram, but on the website and facebook. We have less pictorial content and more of reading content. We offer facts and fun facts.

PS: The followers’ count is the last checked status, of all the pages.