From the desk of a Xaverian – RanchiBlog !!

Studying in a college, is a dream for school kids. As school goer, we all wanted to attend college because of the movies we have been watching growing up. The college life, as seen in movies, fascinating. The canteen, the classrooms, the benches and the fancy clothes, seem different from the routine school life. Being a Ranchite, and above all, a xaverian, is really special. St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi, gives a lot of exposure to all the students. Students here, learn more than just academics. The teachers even give life lessons to the students. Other than imparting academic knowledge, the professors teach their students about the opportunities or hurdles, in their way, towards success.


In the field of academics, St. Xavier’s College has every kind of course, in the college. Be it, Physics honours or Zoology or Geography honours, or Political Science or English honours or Hindi honours or B. Ed. The teachers are very professional in their approach. They teach, counsel, solve students’ issues and want them to achieve heights. The students, the ex-students credit the professors for their achievements.


In the field of infrastructure and accommodation, there are more than 80 classrooms, libraries in the departments, one additional library for studying peacefully, a gym, where students join and exercise to live healthy, a common room, where students can sit during their free time and play games, 4 canteens, and an Amul outlet, one auditorium, one hall and a basketball ground, a football ground, a quadrangle, a building for post graduation courses, a boys hostel for intermediate students and a chapel. Being a xaverian, is indeed a special experience.