Sangeeta Modi – Journey from dreaming to making memories !

One inspirational woman, Sangeeta Modi, born and brought up in Bhagalpur, Bihar had talent and was much into sewing and designing. Her mother inspired her to design. She was an entrepreneur, before turning into a designer. She got married and moved to Ranchi. Coming from a small town, it was not expected from her to make big in her career.


After getting married in Ranchi, she completed her masters in fashion designing from NIFD. In 1982, she started working and designing. It was too new for a designer to establish a name in a small town, like Ranchi. With the support of her family, in-laws and husband, she started a store, for designing. She struggled through the years, looking at the door, where not a single person came through. She still worked here and there, for 20 years. She did not lose hope and kept patience.

Sangeeta Modi's Boutique
Sangeeta Modi’s Boutique

Finally, after 20 years, in 2004, Jharkhand saw its first fashion boutique, set up, in the name ‘Modi’s Boutique’. She dressed up many famous personalities, and chief minister’s wife, and now she is the busiest designer in the city. Her passion for her work can be seen in all her works. She says, “Fashion is never static. It keeps on changing very fast. Customers are aware of changes in the industry.” So, she works harder, in order to be in fashion and in the market. She believes that it is just the beginning, and she still has to work hard.

In News
In News

Now, 56 years old, but young at heart, Sangeeta Modi, a designer, plans to expand her name, beyond Ranchi, to reach the entire subcontinent, with her team of 8 people and fashion consultants. She believes that dreams with passion, can come true.

“It’s better to have memories, than, just dreams.”- Tusita

Editor’s Note :

I didn’t give a second thought on covering the story of this amazing lady. She is indeed an inspiration for many. I would like to thank Mr. Mayank Modi, son of Smt. Sangeeta Modi, who has brought this story to us. Keep inspiring Ma’am.