What does it feel like to be a Ranchite ?

Do you know, that Ranchi, once upon a time was a hill station? Ranchi had its share of plants, trees, hills etc. Ranchi is mostly not known to people outside the state. Some know Ranchi, as the hometown of the favourite cricketer, MS Dhoni. Ranchi can be known for various other reasons. Ranchi has natural resources, in abundance. Forests, that help in regulating the temperature of the city, and coal mines. The trees are being cut, because of the sudden increase in population. So, the climate here, had started changing, gradually. From being a hill station, to a hot city, Ranchi has changed, over the years.


There are some goods, that can only be found here, in Ranchi. In Ranchi, one can find various kinds of mushrooms, which are wild, yet edible. One of those types, is ‘rugda‘. Rugda can be found only in rainy seasons. It grows under the ground. The vegetable vendors have to rush to the only places, where it can be found, when it starts to rain. This mushroom contains high content of protein. The another kind of mushroom found here, looks like a flower, with a long stem.

Another food item found here is “Dhuska”, with mutton. Dhuska is a small, salted pancake, which is fried on both the sides. Dhuska, litti-chokha, mutton-rice are all time favorites of Ranchites. The stalls for these can be seen in every nook and corner.

Restaurants and Delicious food in Ranchi

Here can be found every chaat stall to be famous. Never will you notice a chaat stall empty, except during rainy season. Some chaat stalls still manage to pull phuchka lovers to their stalls. Here, we have a local ice cream company, “pey-pey”. During summers, there’s always an eathen pot, placed for the people’s convenience, full of water. Some people sell “sattu”, mixed with cold water, salt and cumin powder, which tastes like heaven to those who love sattu.

People here, are friendly, loving and helping. Here, the people never stereotype women, except, those migrated from areas, where people are conservative. During late 1980s, the women used to cycle down to work. Now, the women ride cars, scooters and motor bikes too. The women here are an epitome of courage, wisdom and knowledge. The women are not limited to their houses only. Coming to another point, on being a Ranchite, the people usually use public transportation, like auto rickshaws and city buses. But due to the population explosion, there are independent cars too, which creates pollution. Soon, this will come to an end.


The festivals here, are enjoyed by everyone. Durga Puja, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Kali Pujo, Janmashtami, Saraswati Puja, Ram Navami and many other festivals are enjoyed by everyone. We believe in unity, love and brotherhood.

Ranchi can be said to be an ideal city. The roads, the weather, the people, the food, the old age temples, the festival’s just cannot be missed to be seen.