Tushar Rishi – If this boy can’t inspire you, no one can !!

How many of us believe that health is an important part of life? Academics, on the other hand, is also important. Many of us, when fall ill, avoid going to school or college, or for work. Last Sunday, when the 12th CBSE results were announced, a 19 year old Tushar Rishi, must have been as much worried, about his results, as any other student. So why are we talking only of him? Well, the reason is known to everyone.

Tushar Rishi, just another student of Delhi Public School, who was still different from others. Rishi had to visit AIIMS, New Delhi, every three months for regular checkup. He secured 95%, without additional coaching, with 95 in English, 95 in Physics, 93 in Mathematics, 89 in Computer and 100 in Fine Arts.

In 2014, after his mock exams, he was diagnosed with cancer, in his left knee, and he failed to appear for his class 10 board exams. He was under chemotherapy for around 11 months. “It has obviously changed me a lot, but I try and stay focussed on academics.”, he was quoted saying. However, after chemotherapy, he scored a perfect 10 CGPA in 2015.

He does not want to pursue engineering, but wants to graduate in either English or Economics, from Delhi University. His mother, Ritu Agarwal is a professor at BIT, Mesra, and his father, Shashi Bhushan Agarwal works with the State Agriculture Department. His mother said, “he was solely dependent on the classes at school, as he did not go to tuition. I am more than happy with his performance. I have seen him battle cancer, and I know how difficult it was, for him.” She added that she hopes that he stays healthy and achieves all his career goals.

He wrote a book, The Patient Patient, about the story of his struggle as a young cancer survivor. He said that his book is doing well on Amazon.

Source – Facebook

He still has to follow a line of treatment, a strict diet, and has to take care of his health, to avoid any recurrence of the cancerous cells. His fight against cancer continues, but Rishi is a strong willed boy. He has learnt to overcome the fear and drawbacks of one of the deadliest diseases in the world.

Hats off to your spirit, Tushar Rishi. We, Ranchiites would love to salute you. There are very few people who are as strong willed as you. Good luck from our team of RanchiBlog, for your future endeavours.