Interesting facts about Ranchi that every Ranchite should know – A must read !!

Actually Ranchi has more interesting life than the life existing within it. I have heard trees motivating roads and walls every morning by saying “Just remember that you are always unique because you exist in Ranchi”. Here we present the interesting facts about Ranchi. 

NOTE:- you must read last three lines. That’s for you especially.

Let us start with a smile on my reader’s face. 🙂 

1. The Tropic of Cancer actually passes through Ranchi at 23.4 degrees north.

As a student of no interest in geography I never bothered about tropic of cancer but when it comes to Ranchi I am the most interested person to know about it. If you go into exact details, this phenomenal line crosses the C.I.P. in Kanke. Isn’t it interesting?

2. Ranchi is also known as “The land of waterfalls”.

Here is the beauty of water droplets dancing together. Many people have heard about it but never visited. On a single trip you cannot cover most of them. Well known of which are Dassam Falls, Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Hirni Falls, and Panchghagh Falls.

Waterfalls in Ranchi
Waterfalls in Ranchi

I know you are so amazed to look at this beautiful photos that you want to enter through your phone or laptop but that’s not possible till now so take a break from your life and visit there.

3. Ranchi is One of the very few Indian cities to have had a British ship (SS Ranchi) named after it. It has got more number of achievements than the people in it. 😀

4. HEC (Heavy Engineering Corporation) as one of the largest Integrated Engineering Complex in India.

5. Ranchi was listed as Hill Station in Britishers era. Does it mean Ranchi used to rule the heart of white people? Obviously yes.

6. It was undoubtedly the Summer Capital of Bihar.

7. Ranchi gave Mahendra Singh Dhoni to our country, the only Indian cricket captain to win all ICC titles.

8. Ranchi Rhinos, a hockey team based in Ranchi, won the inaugural HIL(Hockey India League) by defeating Delhi Waveriders by 2-1.

9. The Paitkar Painting

Ranchi is famous for its ethnic handicrafts and metal work, all of which are exhibited at firayalal, one of the most popular shopping destinations in the city. The paitkar art,  that showcases the cultural heritage of eastern india. The ancient lineage of paitkar paintings is only part of firayalal beautiful artistic spread which also include the ranchi handloom emporium.

10. The SS Ranchi was a British passenger and cargo carrying ocean liner. During World War II she served as an armed merchant cruiser HMS Ranchi.


Source: Wikipedia

Above mentioned lines were obviously the less known facts about Ranchi but the bottom lines will replace all the above facts.

Places become unique or memorable when you see something lovely or you feel something “Touching your heart”. I am from Ranchi, spent my life there. You will see people with minimum 5 hearts there!

Ranchi is a good mix of commercialization + happiness + LOVE <3 !!

Cheers Ranchi !!!


Tagore Hill pic credits – Sawan Masih