Perwaghagh falls : As you’ve never seen it before

45, 50, 55 and with every crossing speed, the bike’s engine roared up to life as Mihir accelerated his bike’s accelerator hitting the roads connecting Ranchi to khunti.

Mihir, a writer by passion and an architect by profession was always fascinated by bikes, speed and solitude. Different people have different ways of releasing their stress. Some eat, some sleep, some dance, some squat while others just lash out. But whenever Mihir felt low or out of place, he would pick up his best friend a.k.a. his bike and hit the roads of Ranchi for exploring.

Mihir was a bit low today because he had failed in something he had been trying to achieve since long. Today, he decided to hit the roads connecting Ranchi to khunti not knowing where it will lead him to. Riding for about 75kms, Mihir reached near a village in khunti called Torpa and stopped near a board that said “Perwaghagh falls”. 


Perwaghagh is a beautiful fall in the Torpa village about 78 kilometres away from Ranchi famous for its scenery, fresh water, fresh air and peaceful environment. Throughout his life, Mihir has been the person who loved exploring places that made him feel serene and this was one such place for him now. 

Perwaghag falls become inaccessible during the rainy season but in winters, the place’s natural beauty is at the extremes. It is a picnic spot during Christmas and New Year. The way to Perwaghag is stony and bumpy hidden in between the lush forests but Mihir did not stop. He kept moving ahead. He was taken aback by the beautiful and quiet place and the fresh water falling from a height between the greenery. In the hope of exploring more and reaching the top, Mihir climbed his way up the rocks sometimes losing his grip, sometimes slipping but never stopping because it reminded him of his life. 


Finally, when he reached at the top, he was mesmerised by the beauty nature hid in it. Earlier, Mihir was depressed with his failure but now, after he found his way to the top crossing and overcoming all the hurdles made him realize some things are worth the try, effort and fall.

Taking this inspiration from the beautiful Perwaghag fall in Torpa, Mihir promised to keep trying again and again. And he also decided to keep visiting this place however far it was from town because it taught him that ‘some things are worth the try, effort and fall!’.