Freedom – What comes first in your mind when you hear this Strong word ?

72 years to the day, when we Indians were independent of the British rule.

“FREEDOM STRUGGLE” is what made us live like we want to. How easy it is to blame the one, who wrote the Constitution of India, Bhim Rao Ambedkar. There might be certain loopholes in the system, but come to think of it, our Constitution has been influenced by many countries.

Some of us want to be free from the country, because of the loopholes, and many want to save our country from the enemy countries. Some move out of the country to have a good life there, some stay in India to make Indians proud.

“Freedom” is such a strong word, with feelings attached to it. The moment you come out of the Birsa Munda Airport, the first thing you see, after your family, there, is the Tricolor, flying high. You immediately start imagining, how must have been the scenario of the time when this tricolor had to come into existence, and how many people would have fought for the independence, so that the Tricolor can fly high. You start recollecting the stories of independence you’ve heard from grandparents or which you studied in school – The Jallianwala Bagh massacre, the hanging of Bhagat Singh.

We are fortunate enough, to have only read about the freedom struggle. The situation would have been worse than what we’d imagined, or maybe it would not have been as scary as we were told about.

15th August, it is. People will buy Indian flags and will drop, wherever they wish. After 15th, the “Patriots” will fall back to sleep and will wake up on 26th January, directly. The roads filled with paan spits, won’t bother them, pissing on the roadside, won’t bother them, but if they see a brother-sister walking together, all their values and cultures will come to show you the real India. The issue doesn’t lie there. The issue is corruption, narrow-mindedness, money matters. The day people start loving and respecting each other, the day there won’t be hatred, would be the day to cherish.

We are still not independent of the petty minds. We did not get independence, for the things going on, in the country.  There were people who gave lives. At least in respect of the dead, we must stop hatred and practice love. We got independence, because of nonviolence, must be a good place there.