Siddhidatri – A key to the divine wishes !!

The carnival of the masses has almost come to an end. Good time flies fast and we just keep standing trying to have enough of it. A celebration of nine days for the masses is almost about to end. Navratri has always come with a surge of positivity, magnificence, spirituality, and sanctity and leaves us with a pool of memories to reminisce.

Today is the last or the ninth day of Navratri. Goddess Siddhidatri is the symbolic goddess of this day. She is the ninth form of Aadishakti. As her name signifies “Siddhi” means supernatural power and “datri” means giver. She is believed to fulfill all the divine aspirations. She is believed to have four hands in which she holds ‘Lotus, Shankha, Sudarshana chakra and Mace.’ She is mounted on a full-bloomed lotus.

Humans are believed to be full of indifference and ignorance. They have knowledge but are devoid of the knowledge about the truth of the world and the universe. By worshipping Mata Siddhidhatri, she blesses us with knowledge and removes ignorance rooted deep within us. She is surrounded by yakshas, Gandharvas, devas, and asuras who worship her. In the same way may truth, knowledge and self-realization surround all her devotees and she blesses them with perfection which she is the mistress of.

Mata Siddhidatri is also known as Animaone who reduces their body size to that of an atom, Mahimaone who increases their body size to infinitely large, Garimaone who is infinitely heavy and Laghima-one who is infinitely weightless. She is also believed to bless Lord Shiva in his Ardhanarisher form.

Today, Aadishaktis devotees who have been fasting for the past nine days have complete their fast by worshipping Mata Siddhidatri followed by a havan and kanyapujan. Kanyapujan has marked an important event because nine young girls are worshipped and fed who are believed to be aadishaktis nine incarnations.

Durga pujas onset fills us with happiness. On the other hand, by the time it gets over, we feel a different aura around because it’s almost time for maa to go. I hope the way this Durga puja has brought happiness and prosperity and we have worshipped maas homecoming together, the same way by maa’s blessings, we welcome and celebrate her homecoming every year the same way.