Is this “Ranchi of our dreams” ?

What does a Ranchiite need? 24 hours of electricity, water, food? Night market? Places to visit, for sight seeing? Is there anything, that the government of Jharkhand is not providing us?

‘Roti, kapda aur makaan’, the three basic necessities for human life to exist. Now obsolete is this thought of roti, kapda aur makaan. Literacy and education, employment and safety for everyone, especially women are the basic necessities. The day we see women traveling without fear, we will ultimately know that the society is educated and employed. People might argue that they are educated because they have studied in such school or college, but when someone applies the bookish knowledge into reality, that shows an educated society. That day, when you help a needy or a female from being harassed, that day, you will become educated.

Ranchi Night Market

The night market in Ranchi, every Saturday, will be a successful attempt when women will go out for shopping, alone. Ofcourse, we women do not like to be trapped in our homes, just because there are some ‘boys’, who want to touch girls and have fun. Everyone (not only women) deserves respect. We respect the existence of men, why cannot women be given the same respect? Have men done something unusual? Oh yes, some men make us feel insecure, even at homes. That is indeed very special task they do.

Who wants anything else, when we can have a safe environment? Development doesn’t mean only infrastructural development. Malls, clean and smooth roads, saving the environment by making parks, and play grounds can be done too. 24 hours of electricity during summers is something we want in reality. Safe environment, educated citizens about road safety and how to find out that a girl is in danger and how can you help, should be the topics to be taught in schools, so as to have better humans in future. Let us educate the society, altogether.


~Tanya, A Ranchite

~Nucleus Mall Pic creditsCharanjeet