Happy Father’s Day – A letter to papa !!

Dear Papa,

I thought of writing a letter to you, as letters are rare, very rare. From the day I came to the world and since I started noticing things, I remember every elder holding me. Not because you didn’t want to hold me, but because you were afraid. As your first child, I have got everything, I wished for, until the day, baby brother arrived. I have always been told how my arrival was celebrated.

There are parents who abandon their girl child. I have witnessed it twice. It was painful to see them “dead”. I was lucky enough to be born into a family, with a father like you.

You’ve stood by me, during the toughest situations, and I hope and wish to see you standing by me, always. A girl is always close to her father. You will always be my superhero.

I have seen my friends, afraid of their father’s wrath. Initially, I was also afraid. I was afraid of the evening and Sundays. Sundays were meant to sit with you and study. Evenings were dark because you came from office and that look you gave, meant “go study, I will come and check”. That look could send chills down the spine. I am still afraid of that look. When I ask you for something, you give the same look, and it’s meaning has changed. Now it means “no, you are not getting this”. That fear is no more valid. Now, we have the liberty of expressing our views, but obviously, in our limits.

It’s so easy to express love for the mother, because a mother’s love and sacrifices, is what everyone talks of. Deep down, fathers also have the same emotions. Father’s love is always underrated.

I will be married one day and I know how eagerly you are waiting for the day. And when anybody talks of me getting married, I can see that fear in your eyes, of letting me go and sharing my love with someone else. When I fall sick, it’s mom, who does everything for me, but you sit by my side, throughout, holding my hand, and checking on me, every five minutes, if there is an improvement in my health.

For a daughter, Dad is the real hero, and for a son, Dad is a confidante.

Thank you, Papa. I’ve never expressed my love for you, but I love you, for teaching me the values of life and being independent, and how loving oneself is important.

I pray for your good health and happiness. I hope to never bother you or annoy you with my childish pranks.

From your loving daughter!

We, at RanchiBlog, wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.