A school where blind students are trained as call center operators – Ranchi

The students of Braj Kishore Netraheen Vidyalaya, a Ranchi based non-profit school for blind girls is ready to create history by becoming the second batch in the country after Pune and first in eastern India, to work as call center operators.


There are 14 girls in the 15-19 age groups are being trained to become call operators.

Vodafone, a mobile operator company, helped these girls and sent them earlier to Pune for the initial training.

Now, after coming back to school, they spend most of their time practicing what they learnt during the training period.


Sources :- Hindustan Times and Youtube

“Hello sir, this is Sunita. May I know your full name please ? I would like to inform you about three offers on your number. Can I speak to you for a few minutes ?”, Sunita kumari, a student, made her first test call and wished the customer a good day before ending the call.

“The idea came to me after coming across a model in the technical training institute in Pune where the blind students received training to work in call centers” said Neelu Verma, founder-trustee of Braj Kishore Netraheen Vidyalaya.

“The girls can earn a monthly salary ranging between Rs 3000 – Rs 6000 once employed by the telecom companies”, said school authorities.

These girls have proved that nothing can beat if the person is willing to achieve something. Hats off to these girls and the school which is helping them. We need more people like Neelu Verma in the society.


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