Annie Smriti Ekka – An engineer turned full-time beauty blogger from Ranchi

Girls or women face a lot of skin troubles, like acne or dark spots or dark circles, and much more. The one-stop solution to these can be various channels on YouTube. But there too are many channels, most of which show how to hide your skin problems, but not to end it. Some show how to tackle with them and end it. One of those channels is a channel of a Ranchite, with the name “Budget Beauty“.

Annie Smriti Ekka has started her channel on YouTube. She has done chemical engineering from NIT, Trichy. She then pursued a degree in MBA, in Human Resources. She then joined Wipro, and then Dell.

During her hostel days, Annie used to make natural face packs and other natural remedies for hair and skin, which showed good results. She felt like she is missing out on something, in life. Then she followed her heart and started doing what she really loved to do. She thought of sharing home remedies, with the world, so that, people can benefit from those remedies. And what could have been better than YouTube, to share the homemade, natural remedies, with the world?

Her journey has been really tough. Being an engineer from the top 10 colleges of India, having an MBA degree in HR, working with Wipro and Dell, and leaving behind all this and choosing her passion as work, was not easy.

Looking at the change, which Ranchi is going through, right now, where people are turning fashionable, and big and renowned brands are coming to Ranchi, she believes, people’s lifestyle here has changed. Ranchites are slowly growing in terms of fashion and beauty. The fashion market here is growing. This was the right time for a beauty blogger from Ranchi, to start up her own channel on YouTube, to represent her inherent beauty and sense of fashion, that is prevalent.

She, as a youth of Ranchi, wants to inspire the youth to follow their dreams.

Beauty Blogger from Ranchi

Annie reviews different types of products and helps people choose what is best for their skin, in the market, at an affordable price. Apart from this, she shares her natural remedies for hair and skin and health, with live results, to help people, suffering from various skin or hair problems and have a beautiful life with long-lasting effects of her remedies. Other than these, she also does celebrity makeup tutorials and fashion reviews, which help people look best on any occasion.

This journey started 5 months back and it has been extraordinary. She has some 1,411 subscribers and she hopes and wishes to grow in the coming future.