10th July, 2019 – A day to remember in Indian cricket

Yesterday, we had witnessed a history which will be remembered for decades.

“There is a lot to rejoice, regret and cherish the moments for life”.

So let’s start with the beginning. When New Zealand won the toss and decided to bat then it was quite a relief as everyone knows India is good at chasing runs. Everything was going smoothly as planned, Indian Bowlers were giving their best shot, Boom Boom Bumrah’s lightening fast speed bowling thundered the batsmen and the audience or the Bhuvneshwar’s back to back uprooting three wickets in a row.

Indian Team were doing great, they had knocked out almost half the New Zealand players, but the only worst thing happened that ruined the momentum was Rain.

The Match was put on hold at 46.1 overs with 211 runs for 5 Wickets.
Next Day, NZ managed to score 28 runs in the remaining overs.
New Zealand scored 239 runs for 8 Wickets.

Before the 2nd inning started, 240 runs seemed like a pretty easy score to chase, how can we forget the ODI match of India vs Australia in 2013 in which India easily chased 360 runs.

Indian Cricket Team is one of the best team in the world ever since “Former Captain M.S. Dhoni” had taken the mantle and shaped the perfect team. But there is always a downfall at least once in everybody’s life and that day was yesterday for Indian Team.

KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, all three are the world’s top batsmen had given a very disappointing sport. NZ finest bowlers Matt Henry and Trent Boult had taken the wickets of these legendary batsmen in just first three overs. It was unacceptable but an earthshaking fact.


One by One, Indian batsmen were going out of the field until Ravindra Jadeja and MS Dhoni stepped down on the field and enlightened the spark of wining in the heart of millions of people around the world.

A very impressive partnership of 119 runs boosted the energy of the team and the audience. But an untimed shot by Ravindra Jadeja led everyone in shock. Now our last and the only hope was M.S. Dhoni. Everyone shouting and screaming his name because we all knew that MAHI was more than enough to win this battle and the audience fallen from their seats when Sir Dhoni had taken his powerful sixer shot.

Only the haste for making runs was the big mistake. Dhoni was Run-out at 48.5 overs and scored 50 runs. There was a silence all over the stadium when M.S. Dhoni returning back with tears in his eyes. We lost the match there itself.


The Legend regretted the action he had taken and the crowd whined the breathtaking scene. Rohit Sharma almost cried but couldn’t show up to the world when Mahi walked by him.

India was out of this great tournament

But everything happens for a better good and this loss will make Indian team stronger and sturdier more than it was ever before for an upcoming bright future ahead. Every Indian should support, Pray and never lose faith in the world’s best Cricket Team .

Losing one match cannot deny the fact that INDIAN TEAM and The INDIA is the best and will always be……………………….


Signing off,

Apoorv Bhushan

A die-hard fan, India